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A Br Baron32 was a source of concern to the Congregation. There is no actual allegation of sexual abuse against him and none in relation to his time in Cabra. However, Br Baron, who was stationed in another school in the mid-1950s, wrote to the Provincial seeking a transfer on health grounds. He considered himself a misfit in the School and that at no other period had he had ‘so many temptations’ against his vocation. His request was acceded to, and he was transferred to a school in Dublin, and two years later to Cabra. There is no explanation for his transfer to Cabra. While he was in Cabra, the school chaplain, Fr Doyle,33 wrote to the Provincial, informing him that he had advised Br Baron to seek ‘a change away from residential boys’. Br Baron had told Fr Doyle that this had been suggested to him before. Fr Doyle emphasised in his letter to the Provincial that he felt that a change on conscientious grounds was a necessity and the Provincial agreed to the request and he was immediately transferred out of Cabra to a day school in Dublin.

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