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1 entry for Miss A


Date Offence By Whom Reported Punishment Remarks on the Case
August 1947 Disobedient, sulky and muttering when corrected. Troublesome to the Sisters in P. School. Principal Teacher and also Miss A.6 Kept from going to see Procession and celebration of St Patrick’s Centenary. These 5 girls seem to be leagued together to give trouble.
September 1947 Refused to do her charge. Impertinent to teacher. Miss B.7 Just insisted on its being done.
September 1947 Attacked each other quarrelling over something In the presence of all the children in Dining Hall. [Pupil] slapped by Sister Sienna. Not much improvement.
October 1947 Separated from teacher when out walking, went a different road. Teacher who was in charge. Not allowed out following Sunday.
October 1947 Left school without permission in early morning. Went out to the country. Missed by everyone. Had to be followed by teachers in a motor. No punishment given.
October 1947 Hid all day in the attic. Only missed when the children came to dinner. Missed from dining, then reported to Guards. No punishment given.

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